The Real Reason You’re Not Losing Weight in Spite of Exercising

Losing Weight

For a fitness-crazed generation like us that aims to lose weight in an industrial manner, not being able to see the expected results in spite of exercising heavily is something that is bound to cause a lot of depression and agony. If you are someone who is facing difficulty losing weight, we would like to point out that you are not alone in that respect.

Many of us harbour a number of misconceptions and prejudices when it comes to attaining the desired weight loss through a strict exercise regime, especially when the desired results do not show up, in this blog, we will be examining some of the faults and mistakes that you may be making, factors why you might be struggling to lose weight. There’s going to be a short guide as to how they can be remedied as well, so that is something you would want to watch out for as well.

You see, there are a number of factors that may be contributing to the failure, and by remedying or modifying them, the desired weight loss targets can be achieved. If you want to explore the various nitty-gritties of weight loss and how it can be done in a safe and secure manner, visiting a top hospital in Lucknow can help you massively.

Top factors hampering your weight loss journey.

Everyone features wildly different body types, so it wouldn’t be appropriate for everyone to follow the same diet or the same exercise routine. Here are some of the factors that might be dampening the entire process.

Being impatient: Weight loss is a time-consuming procedure that calls for high degrees of dedication and consistency, and so if you are wondering why there’s no weight loss after 3 weeks of exercise, you must understand that the results won’t make themselves evident overnight. Yes, we have seen cases where individuals have managed to transform their bodies on a seemingly weekly timeframe, but what you must understand in this case is that such transformation is rarely natural, and more often than one, is attained through medication or extensive surgical procedures.

Going for the wrong workouts or exercises: One of the main reasons why you might be struggling to lose weight is due to adherence to the wrong exercise regimes. If you are someone who has a basic understanding of how exercises work, you would know that not all regimes are designed for weight loss. While some are meant to fortify muscles, others might be suitable for bone development. For example, it can be pointed out that bicep curls wouldn’t really help you lose weight, while pushups and planks can.

Not monitoring the amount of calories being consumed:

When it comes to losing weight and flaunting a healthy physique, calorie intake is the name of the game. You might ask yourself. “Why am I not losing weight, while hitting the gym regularly as well?” Well, working out wouldn’t really make a difference unless you monitor and control the amount of calories that areare consuming on a daily basis. If the intake rate is lower than the burn rate, you would be losing weight, but if the opposite is true, exercises won’t really make any difference as far as weight loss goes.

Your genetics would play a role as well: Now, this isn’t something that you can influence off the bat, but this does play a role in the overall process as well. Our genetic build-ups are necessary for the weight that we gain or lose, and the amount of fat that gets deposited or created as well. Our metabolic rates are related to this factor as well, and while this can prove to be a handicap of sorts, we would like to say that such difficulty losing weight can be strategically overcome.

A faulty diet: Arguably, this is the most important factor that’s messing up your weight loss plans. Certain food items are more prone to aid in weight gain, especially the ones that are rich in carbohydrates and fats, while proteins and fibres can actually help with the process. Now, this is a massive oversimplification, but if you are wondering why there’s been no weight loss after 3 weeks of exercise, this might be a potential culprit.

Now, besides the aforementioned issues, excess alcohol consumption and lack of sleep can contribute to aggravating the issues as well. Fortunately, why am I not losing weight doesn’t need to be a question that remains unremedied, as a visit to the dietitian or personal trainer can help solve a lot of the issues at hand. Moreover, following the right diet and rest schedule can aid in the overall weight loss process as well, so planning accordingly is something that you must certainly consider doing.

Final take:

If you are someone who swears by exercising but is failing to witness the necessary results, the aforementioned problems and solutions are certainly a must-read for you. Suffering from excess weight and obesity? Consult with an advanced medical team at a multidisciplinary hospital.

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