6 Natural Ways to Treat your Pool& Tub Water

Treat your Pool

 Majority of pool owners clean their pools with chlorine. As a pool owner, several things may go wrong when you use this chemical.  Why not consider natural pool and spa cleaning products? You’ll get these in different varieties in the market to suit your budget and needs. Natural products offer numerous benefits and don’t cause the side effects associated with using chemical products.

Natural ways to treat your swimming pool

1. Add some plants

Leafy green plants generate oxygen, which encourages the growth of beneficial bacteria. The bacteria feed on algae and other organic compounds in your pool. Arrange your plants close to the pool’s edge to accomplish this effect. For excellent results, transform one side of your pool into a natural water garden with plants placed straight in the water.

2. Use some baking powder

Utilize the same substance you use to bake cookies and other sweet delicacies to clean your pool. Mix it with water to make a non-abrasive cleaning solution that will help you restore the shine to your pool tiles and remove the grout. You can also use it on a pool deck made of stone or concrete. This is perhaps the organically cheapest and most cost-effective natural pool and spa water treatment method.

3. Ozone

In the pump room of your pool, install an Ozonator. The main goal for this is to absorb oxygen from the surrounding environment and convert it to ozone. After that, the latter is released into the unclean pool water to disinfect it ensuring a cleaner pool Ozone kills bacteria, and also makes water cleaner, and reduces odors.

4. Add only good fill water

Running water from your taps may not be the best option for your tub. It may contain impurities like chloramines, invisible junk, and other minerals. Like you filter your drinking water, you must do the same to your pool and tub water before putting it in there. However, be cautious since once you start with impure water, it will be more challenging to maintain your tub naturally.

5. Hydrogen peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide, unlike chlorine, is a natural chemical molecule created by the human body and found in rainwater. It is a more potent oxidant than chlorine. Moreover, it eliminates the nutrients that algae and bacteria feed on after filling your pool with this chemical compound and exposing it to direct sunlight. You’ll have a natural swimming pool in your backyard if you add hydrogen peroxide.

6. Ultra violet pool sanitizing light.

UV sanitation is a great disinfection procedure that uses short-wavelength UV radiation (UV-C) to damage germs’ DNA and kills or inactivate them. Cysts, protozoa, bacteria, and algae destroy them using UV radiation. BY using UV sanitation in your pool, you won’t have a problem  of chlorine-resistant diseases, such as Coli and Cryptosporidium.

Bottom line

Natural pool and spa cleaning is great way of maintaining cleanliness in your pool or hot tub. Consider adding natural disinfectants to your pool and avid the effects of harsh chemicals on your skin.

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