UK PE Needs a Rework – What Can Be Done?

What Can Be Done

PE (physical education) is one of the compulsory subjects under the National Curriculum at every key stage. The National Curriculum programs of study outline what needs to be taught at all key stages.

According to Dominic Thorncroft, local authorities in the UK maintain that schools are expected to follow the National Curriculum. Free schools and academies don’t necessarily have to follow it, though they are expected to provide a balanced and broad curriculum, which promotes the physical development of students.

PE As Part Of Education

In learning institutions, the goal of PE is to develop the cognitive capacity of kids in the sense of offering knowledge in academic disciplines. Basically, this goal determines learning environments in which learning behaviours are regarded as effective and appropriate.

PE is normally part of education that offers the only opportunity for every child to learn more about physical exercise and take part in physical activities.

As mentioned, its goal in schools has changed from its intended focus on teaching health and hygiene to talking to pupils about benefits and different forms of physical movement, including:

  • Exercise
  • Sports

With the dramatic growth of content beyond UK gymnastics programs, PE has developed to become a content area with different learning goals, which facilitate the development of holistic development among children.

In order to comprehend PE as one of the components of the education curriculum, it is imperative to know that education systems in the UK don’t work with centralised programs.

PE programs are controlled by different systems that result in great diversity in curriculum and policies. These substitution policies and expanded waivers increase the possibility that pupils may opt out of PE for non-medical purposes.

Solutions For Short-Term

Currently, many primary schools are receiving funds for PE and school sport. However, it is only guaranteed for one year at a time. Funding for an academic year got announced in July, leaving limited time to plan and organise things.

Research shows that this kind of approach has made many schools use cash for short-term solutions, like hiring external coaches instead of employing PE teachers.

The DfE (Department for Education) found that about 63% of schools have spent their finances on hiring private coaches compared to 15% that recruited PE tutors.

Researchers suggest that PES Premium needs to be provided over multiple school years as this may allow schools to take planned and sustainable approaches to develop their physical education provisions.

School Playing Fields

Since 2012, new terms and conditions have been put across to the provisions of outdoor space. This requires that outdoor space should be provided to allow pupils to play outside, and PE is offered to students as per the school curriculum.

Local schools and authorities should seek the content of the authority when looking to dispose of funded school lands, including playing grounds.

Final Touches!

For a man to be successful in life, two important things must be provided to them. These include physical activities and education. With two, every man will be able to attain perfection. So you can agree that PE is an important subject in school programs. And it is high time for the UK government to do some rework by offering support.

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