The three cancer treatments that will beat the disease and warrant hope

cancer treatments

Doctors have three families of cancer treatments. It was long believed that one would win out over the other. From now on, there is no longer any competition. Each is in its place. And it is the combination of the three that is the explanation for the increasingly numerous remissions and healings.

The three cancer treatments that will beat the disease and warrant hope EPICTURA

Surgery :

It was the first weapon; probably, like all techniques, at the beginning a little rough. But surgeons were often faced with very advanced tumors, diagnosed too late, which had to be removed at all costs, to at least relieve the patient. Then came microsurgery, 3 D reconstruction computers to train or rehearse the intervention in real life. Robots even more precise than the human gesture are already used for example in prostate surgery …

In most cancers, the first practical consultation remains that of the surgeon.

We have gone from the maxim “big scar, big surgeon”, to that of “tiny scar, very big surgeon” …


X-rays remain essential. Even the best of surgeons cannot reach microscopic tumors, especially since they are deep in the body. For example all brain tumors, buried in the middle of an organ that cannot be “dismissed”. This is the area of ​​choice for stereotaxis, hyper-precise radiotherapy.

The radiotherapist is now really a team with the surgeon.

Medication :

It is in this field that we find – apparently – the most novelties, in particular because the financial stakes are more important, but which does not progress more or not less than the other techniques.

We knew the time, not very distant, when we killed “a fly with a bazooka”, that is to say that we got rid of cancer, but also of the surrounding healthy cells, at the cost of one. great fatigue or significant side effects, the least popular of which was hair loss. This still exists but less frequently and treatments are done more and more at home, or even with oral medications, to avoid, in the future, grueling infusion less and less often.

Today the drug finishes the work of the surgeon or the radiotherapist. It can also act alone when it comes to targeted treatments, that is to say real missiles that can recognize cancer cells.

For 5 years the revolution has been called onco-immunotherapy, that is to say that we “help” the body’s natural defenses. The most modern technique, Car-T cells, which has just been recognized as therapeutic of the year by the most powerful association in oncology, ASCO, consists of training the patient’s cells to turn them into force agents. special, infinitely multipliable.

 So that hope, on this day of the global fight against cancer, to be real, we cannot forget the blood test which tomorrow – very quickly – will diagnose cancers at a stage where no machine can see them, predict what will be the effective drug, and follow the course, giving a prognosis.

We didn’t talk about it ten years ago. It will be available to everyone before ten years

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