Easy Ways to remove dandruff issues

Easy Ways to remove dandruff issues

There are many people these days who are prone to dandruff. But to some, it keeps repeating as a cycle and this can be a recurrent disorder. That is why; one suffers from periodic flare ups. Dandruffs may not be permanently curable but one can control them easily if they can maintain a good hygiene schedule.

Dandruffs which happen mainly on the oily scalp can be quite strenuous and they can refuse to go away. In that case, one has to figure out a strong shampoo for oily scalp India which they can use on a daily basis in order to keep those white flakes under control. Not only shampoos, but there are some quite effective home remedies as well that one can try out:

Lemon to manage dandruffs

It is one thing which is available in almost every Indian kitchen. This can help one to get rid of white flakes naturally. Lemon juices can work very effectively on the dandruffs because they are acidic in nature. The juice can break down the fungus which can lead to dandruff formation and can also reduce the production of oil on the scalp. One can take 2 tea spoons full of freshly squeezed lemon juice and massage it on the scalp. Let it rest for a few minutes and then one can rinse it well with lukewarm water and a mild shampoo. This should be done at least twice a week to get better results.

Aloe Vera helps to get rid of flakes

Another popular thing that one can use in order to reduce white flakes on their scalp. Aloe Vera is a kind of a succulent which can treat other skin conditions as well like cold sores, burns and psoriasis. It contains both anti bacterial and anti fungal properties which can have a soothing effect on the scalp. It can reduce the inflammation which can happen because of dandruff formation. Some freshly squeezed Aloe Vera gel can be applied directly on the scalp or one can use some herbal shampoos where Aloe Vera is a major ingredient.

Tea Tree Oil for Dandruff and Skin Issues

This is an oil which can be used effectively on a lot of ailments and one can also use it to reduce dandruff formation. It has anti microbial and anti inflammatory properties which can reduce the severe dandruff symptoms. It can easily fight against the strains of fungus which is responsible for the formation of Seborrhoea Dermatitis. One has to dilute the tea tree oil with a few drops of water or one can mix them with any carrier oil before applying it to the scalp because it can cause irritation to the sensitive skin.

 Baking Soda to get rid of Itching

Another ingredient which is not only easily available in the kitchen but is also an excellent exfoliant. Baking soda can remove the dead skin cells from the scalp and also reduce the redness and itchiness caused by that.

There are many over the counter anti dandruff shampoo for oily hair available that one can use.

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