The ideal male physique for women

male physique

This is the old question that all men ask themselves. Are our shoulders wide enough, is our stomach too big, are our arms too thin? These questions form an endless stream that shows our insecurity when it comes to building the ideal physique to please women.

What type of male physique attracts women? Do they like a massive and skinned man or do they just want an athletic and slim man? Let us dig into the question so as to lift the veil.

This topic tends to annoy a lot of people who think that you shouldn’t train to please women but that you should do it for yourself. Personally, I think everyone does what they want. If you don’t want to train to be more attractive, it’s your decision!

Some people train to improve themselves mentally and physically, to be healthier and stronger. And it is very good. If they attract more women, that’s a bonus. But, some practitioners train just to impress the girls. And that’s good too.

A healthy body, more attractive than a massive body!

Any man doing bodybuilding wants to become massive according to his own perception of this word. Some practitioners want to look like a fitness model, not too massive as that might scare people. Other practitioners want to be monstrously muscular and build a physique like bodybuilders.

Bad news for those who think this type of physique will attract more women. Here are some statistics:

Only 2.7% of women want a man who is super dry. Why this ? Quite simply because they want a man who takes care of his physique and his health, and not a man who is obsessed with his physique.

The majority of women have absolutely no idea how much effort it takes for men to achieve a bodybuilder physique. They see it as an unhealthy obsession, a characteristic that makes these men unattractive. It’s true that most of the fitness models, who cover bodybuilding magazines, use drugs to increase their performance. But, while women who frequent the fitness world know it, others don’t.

On the flip side, over 90% of women admitted that they wouldn’t agree if their man took steroids. However the reason for this is different from what you might think at first. A beautiful woman does not want her man to take steroids, because it could endanger his health, not because it would give him a bodybuilder body. Which is a bit contradictory.

Either way, whether or not to take steroids to achieve your ideal physique could be a double-edged decision when it comes to saving your relationship.

The attractiveness of a man depends on the type of woman

This is one of the most important results of studies that have examined the subject. Let’s recap what we already know. Women like men who have a little above average bodies but don’t look like a beast or someone taking steroids. They do, however, want their man to be stronger and more massive than they are.

On the other hand, another interesting thing that came to light during the studies is that women who train regularly want a man who also trains and is in good shape. This means that all the women we can see in the gym, and who train as intensely as we do, are the very ones who would be most attracted to us.

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