Everything you need to know about mineral make-up


Mineral makeup is right on trend for natural makeup. But what exactly does this term encompass? Is mineral makeup necessarily powder makeup? Is it vegan? Is it suitable for all skin types? Does it only offer foundation or also eye shadow and lipstick? Is there a nice variation of shades for powders, shadows? Are the textures easy to use and apply? Can all brands claim to make mineral makeup or only specialized brands, such as the expert brands Zao, Lily Lolo or Neve Cosmetics? Discover our question-answer to be knowledgeable on the subject and allow you to give your opinion with confidence!

What is mineral makeup?

In powder form, this makeup is composed of pure and crushed natural minerals. Its advantage? Its safer , natural-looking formula does not clog the skin and provides it with the colors (for eye shadows) or the desired correction (for foundations, complexion correctors …), with the added bonus of sun protection for some. The particularity of this foundation? Unlike the classic versions, the mineral foundation is neither liquid, nor in the form of cream or compact powder. It is loose powder, to be applied with a brush. Regarding the result, mineral makeup offers a covering result, but natural, a delightful slightly pink bare skin effect, a discreet correction, promoting the reflection of light and reducing skin imperfections. Mineral makeup is easily removed with makeup removing oils in particular.

What are the most used minerals?

The stars are titanium dioxide which has several functions. First it protects from the sun, then it reflects the light and offers ideal coverage. Mica offers endless finishes … (mat, shiny …) and serves as a base for powders. Zinc oxide is appreciated for its soothing, anti-inflammatory and protective properties. Silica and kaolin Mattie the skin.

But is it clean makeup  ? This family of make-up wants to be “clean”, in the movement of clean beauty, without chemicals or ingredients little appreciated by consumers such as parables or phenomenology… or other potential endocrine disruptors. When it is 100% natural and therefore vegan, mineral makeup is in fact formulated only with minerals and without preservatives, because bacteria do not thrive in this environment. Unfortunately, there is no such thing as a “label” that could help consumers see more clearly and make the right choice. Here again, it is essential to read the INCI lists or refer to the Beauty Test files. A doubt ? A question, a doubt? Do not hesitate to ask the opinion of the community on the forum or in private message. The site is made for that! You can also find good information in specialized or organic shops.

Are all mineral makeup the same?

“We must ensure, explains Anne-Marie Gaelic, Founder of oOlution, to choose a 100% mineral and natural makeup”. Indeed, for marketing reasons , brands add pigments of mineral origin in order to ride the wave of naturalness, but without really being, since they leave chemical preservatives in the formula. How to make the right choice ? By favoring natural or organic brands that offer powder formulas (to be applied with a brush) and a range of colors for the eye shadows. ”  Mascara , lipstick or gloss cannot be entirely mineral makeup”specifies Anne-Marie Gaelic, founder of oOlution, who has just released a 100% natural mascara, but not mineral.

“Likewise, continues the cosmetic expert, certain minerals should be avoided”. This is the case for example of bismuth oxychloride, “which is not natural, but synthesized from bismuth, oxygen and chlorine”. It is a white dye which gives a light effect to the final result, but can be irritating to the skin. Particularly for acne-prone skin. Likewise, titanium dioxide, although natural, is a controversial nano particle in certain compositions. Finally, mica can raise ethical questions, with a potential risk of child labor in its extraction depending on the sourcing. Do not hesitate to question the brands on the origin of this mineral. Some brands claim, especially on their website, the non-use of problematic minerals. This is the case, for example, with the cult English brand Lily Lolo, which guarantees shadows, eye shadows, foundations, finishing powders and corrector without talc, without bismuth and without nano particles.

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