Iqaluit Dental Clinic Looks at Ways to Start the Year with a Healthy Smile

Healthy Smile


According to Iqaluit Dental Clinic, the new year is about to begin, and you may have a few resolutions in mind. Add a healthy and beautiful smile to that list of resolutions and start early. Let’s check out ways to start the year with a healthy smile.

The Details

1. Start with a dental checkup

You should get dental checkups at least twice a year. If you don’t get them regularly, the new year is the best time to start. Book a dental appointment within the first week of the new year, especially if you didn’t get your teeth checked for a while. Most people assume that they know what to do and improve oral health with regular home care routines.

However, reality may be a bit different. You may have dental issues that remain hidden or minor issues that seem like nothing but have the potential to incur heavy expenses in the future. Regular dental checkups help you stay on top of your dental health. Moreover, dentists also clean your teeth thoroughly during the checkup.

2. Maintain a healthy diet

You are what you eat and so are your teeth. You have the opportunity to change your diet for the better next year. Certain types of food aren’t just bad for your overall health, but your dental health as well. For instance, food and beverages that have a lot of sugar are bad for your teeth. The sugars stick to your teeth and become food for bacteria.

Similarly, drinking food that’s sticky or is highly acidic can destroy the balance of your oral microbiome and expose your teeth to acid attacks. Food that is rich in tannins is also bad for your oral health. For instance, if you drink a lot of coffee, you won’t be able to maintain those pearly whites. You should eat more leafy greens, fruits and vegetables full of antioxidants to neutralise the harmful acids in your mouth.

3. Quit smoking

If you don’t smoke, good for you. You were already on a healthier path. However, if you do smoke, the new year is a great excuse to quit this habit. Smoking harms your body in several ways. It increases your blood pressure, exposes you to cardiovascular risks, increases the risk of cancer and absolutely destroys your lungs.

Apart from that, smoking also weakens your immune system and increases acid production in your mouth. Smoking also makes your mouth dry up. Combine a dry mouth with increased acid production and you have the perfect recipe for tooth decay. Moreover, smoking is also responsible for staining your teeth with nicotine. While quitting smoking can be very difficult, you don’t lose anything by trying to quit it one more time.


Iqaluit Dental Clinic suggests that you use the above-mentioned tips to start off the year with a healthy smile. Make sure that you get dental checkups regularly, maintain a healthy diet and have a good oral regimen. It’s also important to treat dental conditions as soon as they occur.

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