Bharat Bhise Looks at Men’s Health for Longevity

Bharat Bhise Looks at Men’s Health for Longevity


According to Bharat Bhise, men live up to 75 years on average while women live up to 80 years on average in the US. While there are several factors that may be responsible for that stat, altering your lifestyle just a bit can help you beat that statistic and live longer. Let’s check out a few men’s health tips for longevity.

The Details

1. Fiber and polyphenols are great for you – Eating food rich in fiber like whole grains and asparagus and feeding on polyphenol-rich foods like tea, coffee, olive oil, and certain veggies can boost your health immensely. They affect mitochondrial uncoupling in your cells which helps you lose weight, increase energy levels and extend your lifespan.

2. Do good and feel good – Kindness goes a long way. Doing a kind deed doesn’t just help the one who reaps the benefits, but also benefits the one who does the deed. Just donating from time to time, participating in charitable events, and being part of good causes can bring you immense satisfaction and self-gratification. This helps alleviate daily stress and when added over the years, it can have a great effect on your lifespan.

3. Analyze your mood – Research shows that people with severe mental disorders die earlier compared to the general population. Taking charge of your mental health and well-being can do wonders for extending your life. One way to do that is to analyze your mood. Ask yourself if you’re upset, happy, irritable, sad, angry, or feeling other such emotions.

Next, figure out if that mood is the baseline or if it’s due to an event on that day or any other lingering concern. Finally, ask yourself if you’re content feeling that way and reach out to a close friend or someone else you trust if that’s not the case.

4. Take cold showers – Most people in the US take hot showers. However, cold showers can do wonders for your body and your overall health. Exposure to cold releases noradren a line, a performance-enhancing hormone.

Cold showers are especially necessary in modern times when “thermal stress” is non-existent due to the presence of central heating and air conditioning. Regular cold showers can help boost your body’s recovery process and natural repair mechanisms. Research shows that cold showers can help slow down aging.

5. Take a break – Most people who are trying to make a living are hard workers. Everyone has a lot of responsibilities and that’s why they are trying to work harder to secure a better future or a better lifestyle for themselves and their kids. That’s why a lot of people feel this strange guilt about resting. However, it’s important to tackle a break and get enough rest to maintain a healthy body. According to the World Health Organization, overworking kills more than 700,000 people each year.


Bharat Bhise suggests that you note the above-mentioned lifestyle choices or take inspiration from them. Adopting just a few of them would help you make drastic changes. They can improve your health and overall well-being and can add more years to your life.

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