A Simple Guide Explaining About The IQOS Iluma One HNB Tobacco Burning Unit.

HNB Tobacco Burning Unit

The e-vapers are people that enjoy smoking their favourite flavour of tobacco in the aerosol form. IQOS is one such device that is used by the maximum population of e-vapers. This is a device that is also known as the tobacco heating unit and is famous for heating 25 sticks per battery full.


Iluma one is one of the many creations of IQOS to the world of tobacco heating units. This device can heat the tobacco product present in it to the required temperature, but will not burn or set the product on fire while heating. Hence, this unit is known as the heat-not-burn (HNB) unit.

If you love e-vaping and wish to have the best experience, then IQOS Iluma One is the best option for you. It is available in many colours including in azure blue shade.

You can place the order for the required unit by visiting the official webpage of Sticks Sale. This webpage will even offer all the required accessories for the product that you choose. Check their webpage for more information.

What is Iluma One 

This is the same unit that is manufactured with the HNB technology. It looks just like a tobacco cigarette and is designed with a vaporization chamber to heat tobacco. When the tobacco stick is ground up, it is vaporised to the aerosol state. The resulting aerosol form of tobacco is available for inhaling by vaping lovers.

Characteristic Features 

The Iluma one manufactured by IQOS consists of one element, which is a very beautifully crafted device with the feature to fit any pocket. There is no need for finding a separate charger unit because the tobacco heating unit is already designed with an in-built battery.

Every battery full will allow you to charge up to 20 tobacco sticks. The accessories palette is provided with such colours to make it match up with any clothing.

The sticks as required for use in the tobacco heating units will be exclusive for every Iluma one. These sticks cannot be installed into the other tobacco heating devices, and hence you should find the one that fits perfectly to the device that you own.

Technical Specifications 

When you look for the Iluma one unit, you will find many added technical specifications to the unit that you choose. They are a charging cable, power adapter, and the holder or also known as the main body.

Every full battery power can burn up to 20 sticks. Hence, the charge cycles of the battery should be after the burning of 20 sticks. The available colours of this Iluma one include pebble grey, pebble beige, sunset red, Azul blue, and moss green.

The required charging time for the battery to completely power up is about 90 minutes. Every battery full will allow you to burn sticks while travelling, going out, and anytime anywhere else.

The overall dimension of Iluma one unit is as follows.

  • 6 height
  • 6 width
  • 4 depth

Every unit weighs not more than 68.5 grams. The light-weightiness of the tobacco heating unit Iluma One has made quite a name in the world of tobacco vapers. You can find the one that fits your taste by visiting the official webpage of the authentic sellers. Go thoroughly before making the purchase.

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