5 Situations When Keeping A Small Pocket Hand Sanitizer Will Pay Off               

10 ml bottle of hand sanitizer

Following the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, the hand sanitizer seemed to be one of the most precious possessions we owned. Now, two years later, it seems that the ubiquitous sanitizer is one of our essentials – be it home or work or anywhere else. Like your purse/wallet, keys and mobile phone, you may not want to step out of home without a small pocket hand sanitizer.

Is it really necessary, though? We live in times when hand sanitizers are permanent fixtures in homes and offices, restaurants and malls. Is carrying a 10 ml bottle of hand sanitizer really necessary? It is indeed.

Consider the following scenarios to understand this better.

  • Imagine stepping into a restaurant and heading out to the restroom. If the restaurant uses a bar of soap and has no dispenser available, this bar of soap may be a conduit to attract more germs than it kills by cleaning your hands. In cases when the towel looks like it has been used to wipe hands several times, it is better to use a sanitizer. Restaurant door handles are some of the most touched surfaces and pose a threat to your health and safety. While you may want to wash your hands in such a situation, it is a better idea to use a good hand sanitizer here. Carrying a pocket sanitizer bottle can prove to be a blessing.
  • Heading out to the home of an acquaintance or a friend or even your neighbour? It may be a good idea to carry a tiny bottle of hand sanitizer, like the 10 ml spray bottle from Just Human. Doorbells are one surface that are touched most often by all sorts of people, particularly those who are headed home from outside. You definitely do not want to carry any infection into the home of your friend. A quick spray of the sanitizer after you ring the bell is a saver.
  • Stepping out to withdraw cash from the ATM? The keypad of the ATM and the cash itself may be contaminated with bacteria, virus, and pathogens. Currency notes and coins are among those items that change hands the most and pick up residue.
  • Most schools, colleges and offices are now equipped with large hand sanitizer installations. You can, however, pick up germs from the most innocuous of things – shared pens, pencils, blackboard markers, keys – the list is endless. Keeping a small sanitizer spray handy in your purse, backpack, or pocket can be of immense help.
  • If you use public transport or cabs, it is absolutely mandatory that you carry a pocket size hand sanitizer. The doors of cabs, the seats of buses and metro trains etc. are some of the places where you could pick up a number of germs and touching your face subsequently could make you fall ill. A spritz from a sanitizer and you can stay safe.

There could be a number of scenarios where a pocket hand sanitizer could come in useful. It’s time you order a small hand sanitizer online and ensure your safety.

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