5 Points You Must Consider Before Undergoing Laser Tattoo Removal

Laser Tattoo Removal

Do you plan to undergo non-surgical laser tattoo removal in Melbourne? Here are the top 5 points you need to consider before going for a laser tattoo removal procedure.

1. Consider tattoo removal professional

Laser treatment is the most effective and safe method of tattoo removal in Melbourne, provided the treatment is conducted by an experienced Laser & cosmetic professional, with an FDA approved laser device and under controlled circumstances.

The laser tattoo removal procedure is not a DIY project that you could easily attempt at home. Likewise choosing an inexperienced or cheap clinic for laser tattoo removal can lead to serious complications.

The use of unregulated cheap laser equipment and inexperience can be unsafe for you and cause severe long term complications or side effects. Plus, the results of treatment won’t be conclusive either.

Therefore, enquire about the credibility and reputation of the laser clinic and the laser professional before you choose their laser tattoo removal services. Since laser beams are focused on a targeted area to penetrate the skin and break down the ink deposits, only an experienced Laser professional knows how to target the laser beams and with what intensity to achieve the best tattoo removal results without any long term scarring or other side effects.

2. It’s all about colours

While getting tattooed we think very little about the type of colours used or what two colours are mixed to achieve one particular colour. However, this plays a critical role during the tattoo removal procedure. Some colours respond quickly to the laser beams while others may take time to respond.

For instance, black and blue colour tattoos are easy to remove. However, tattoos with green, orange and yellow colors may require some more sessions before they could be comprehensively removed.

Moreover, some tattoo artists mix green and blue colours to achieve a black colour for tattooing. Therefore, if your black tattoo ink has been derived by combining these two colours, then it may take time for complete removal.

Eventually, all types of tattoos can be removed comprehensively, however, the number of treatment sessions required for the tattoo removal in Melbourne depends on the type of colours used and the complexity of the tattoo.

3. Manage the temporary side effects

Since laser beams penetrate the skin to break down or shatter the tattoo ink deposits, you may experience some temporary side effects, which are a normal outcome of laser treatment and usually go away within a few days post-treatment.

Proper aftercare and some precautions can help you effectively manage the short side effects and ensure quick healing of the treated area.

The laser professional will recommend the right aftercare processes post laser tattoo removal in Melbourne. Not following the aftercare procedures and heavy sun exposure of the treated area can result in long term complications like hyperpigmentation, hypopigmentation of skin darkening.

Follow the aftercare guidelines to effectively manage the side effects and ensure faster healing.

4. It takes time

Laser tattoo removal in Melbourne is not a simple procedure. It requires time. In most cases, you may require 2 or more laser sessions to comprehensively remove the tattoo. And there has to be a gap of a minimum of 6 weeks between every treatment session so that the treated area could heal properly before the next session.

According to cosmetic laser professionals, there should be a gap of at least 3 months between 2 treatment sessions. Your body requires this time to heal any side effects or reactions and to dissolve the broken down ink particles. For this reason, you observe the best tattoo removal results after a few weeks post one treatment session.

The complexity of the tattoo usually determines the number of laser sessions required for complete removal. So, it may take months to achieve comprehensive tattoo removal.

5. It’s expensive

Yes, laser tattoo removal in Melbourne costs more than getting tattooed. However, its cost is much lower than surgical tattoo removal procedures. Plus, laser treatment is highly effective in completely removing the tattoo.

The type and complexity of the tattoo generally determine the total cost of comprehensive tattoo removal. But the results are worth it.

Nitai Medical and Cosmetic Centre offers the most comprehensive laser tattoo removal treatment with FDA approved laser devices and under the supervision of experienced cosmetic Physician Dr Shobhna Singh.

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