Why mineral makeup?

mineral makeup

In recent years, mineral makeup has experienced an extreme boom. Let’s take a closer look.

Foundation, blush, compact powder, eye shadow and the like – mineral makeup products have been booming in recent years, and many manufacturers are turning to them.

A new trend?

However, mineral makeup is far from new … Thousands of years ago, it was already used in ancient Egypt! Women used mineral powders to beautify their face.

Effective and well tolerated on the skin

But just because it’s an old trick doesn’t mean it doesn’t work anymore! On the contrary, mineral makeup still offers many advantages today. First, it offers a natural and effective alternative to conventional products. It is very gentle on the skin, and particularly suitable for people prone to skin problems, acne, rosacea …

Many positive aspects

But let’s take a closer look at the benefits offered by mineral makeup. Mineral makeup:

  • restores radiance to the complexion
  • visibly reduces wrinkles
  • ensures a smooth and even complexion
  • is very economical
  • is water resistant and therefore suitable for active people
  • soothes redness or makes it disappear
  • is well tolerated (even with skin problems)
  • does not clog pores
  • has a very low allergenic potential
  • does not contain dyes
  • does not contain preservatives
  • does not contain oil

Apply mineral makeup well

When applying mineral makeup, it may happen that the result is not what you hoped for the first time. Here are therefore some application tips, to try to optimize the result:

Many women are used to liquid foundation. When switching to a product in powder form, they tend to use too much at the start. It is important to only apply a small amount of mineral foundation.

It is important to use a brush suitable for the mineral foundation, in order to improve the result once applied.

To avoid a too shiny effect, apply the foundation in thin layers, and make brush movements from top to bottom.

When the result is not quite smooth, the skin may not have been completely dry during application – make sure that your moisturizer or pre-applied care is completely absorbed into the skin before using. switch to makeup.

To select the right shade, it is useful to carry out a test beforehand: apply the foundation on the ridge of the jaw, going down to the neck, and watch the result obtained in daylight.

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