What Thoughts and Issue Trouble You After Addiction Recovery?

addiction treatment

So, you have made it through the ordeal of medical detox, then treatment, and you are now in the recovery process. You probably had your doubts while going through the medical detox and recovery process. It may even have been worse than you could have dreamed. But no matter what, you have made it this far. Congratulations. Now, however, things do not seem as promising as you hoped they would be. In fact, you may hate your life. It is not fun anymore. It is too much work. You start to think maybe you will go back to drinking or using other drugs. To be honest, you need to stop this train before it becomes a wreck for you.

There will inevitably be times when you just cannot push away the outside world when negative thoughts or issues barge into your mind and life after addiction treatment. Let’s take a few examples and see how you can deal with effectively when certain thoughts and issue trouble you after addiction treatment:

Perhaps, you are busy doing a project or chore at home when the mail comes, and there are several past-due notices, cancellation of utilities, or high medical bills. Avoid the temptation to open them up and dwell on the problems. Set the bills and mail aside and leave them for your time block allocation to deal with financial issues, mail, and correspondence. When you do attend to your bill-paying issues, you’ll be more focused and less stressed. Don’t let outside influences take over your life. You need to be in control of what to handle and when.

You are working on an important presentation for your boss’s boss, and your immediate supervisor comes in with an urgent request he says trumps whatever you’re doing. He reminds you that you’re on shaky ground since you’ve been back and hints that you would better tow the line, or you could be fired. You listen to what he has to say, tell him you’ll get right on the project and do your best work, and then do what he asks. Focus as completely as you can on the new assignment until it is finished, and then go back to your original project if there’s any time left in your time block (i.e., workday). Do not beat yourself up or engage in the negativity that individuals tried to lay on you. Instead, focus on how proactively you handled the situation – and give yourself kudos for excellent compartmentalization.

Relaxing with a book, meditating, or just making plans, you’re suddenly interrupted by some old drug- or alcohol-using acquaintances that stop by unexpectedly. You really don’t want to and can’t be around these people, and just having them show up throws you for a loop. What should you do? Politely inform them that you have other plans, you have a doctor’s appointment to go to, or you’re not available to hang out, and ask them to leave. Be in control of your situation. This is your home, and you are in charge. Do not let them intimidate or cajole you into activities that are counter-productive to your recovery.

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