Top 6 Questions You Can Ask Your Healthcare Provider Before Starting TRT

Healthcare Provider

If you have decided to take TRT, you have realized your body needs it. However, there are many things you probably don’t understand about it. Going ahead with the journey of TRT treatment without enough knowledge is discouraged. It is crucial to ensure you know what you are getting yourself into by asking your healthcare provider any questions you might have. The specialist is there to help you understand the treatment and what to expect. The following are answers to questions you can ask your doctor before you begin TRT.

What is low testosterone, and what causes it?

It is crucial to understand what low testosterone means since it is this issue that has led you to take TRT. Low testosterone is a condition where you do not have enough testosterone hormone. Testosterone is responsible for different functions in males, like controlling sex drive, increasing muscle size, facilitating facial hair growth, voice deepening, etc. Low testosterone can happen due to various factors that inhibit your body from producing enough hormones. Therefore, the doctor will take a testosterone test to determine if your hormone levels are low.

Are there other treatment options for low testosterone?

Mostly, doctors recommend testosterone replacement therapy, especially for males with various low T signs. During TRT Boise, the specialist will prescribe testosterone-boosting products to restore the level to normal. Such products include patches, gels, pellets, injections, pills, etc. They may also recommend alternative solutions depending on the cause of low T levels. For instance, if your low T is due to obesity, the specialist may recommend losing weight first.

What are the types of TRT?

As mentioned, there are several forms of TRT. Such include injections, patches, gels, pills, etc. The form of TRT you choose will depend on how convenient you think it will be and your lifestyle. Note that these forms have the same results but might have different side effects. Your doctor will help you choose the best format.

How long does it take to see or feel the results of TRT?

Before starting TRT, it is crucial to understand that results are not abrupt and do not happen overnight. It is a journey of about four to six weeks before you begin feeling the difference. In weeks after starting the treatment, you will feel an improvement in your energy levels, an increase in muscle mass and strength, a reduction of depression signs, fat loss, better mood, improved libido and erectile function, etc.

Can I stop once I start therapy? What happens if I stop?

Keep in mind that TRT does not cure low testosterone but boosts its levels. Therefore, you are required to take the prescribed dosage. Once you stop taking the dose, the testosterone levels decline to where it was before you began treatment.

Will I get monitored during TRT?

Since TRT is a journey, you require monitoring to ensure the treatment continues to be safe and brings the desired results. Therefore, the doctor will monitor you as long as you are under treatment. They will carry out blood tests to see if testosterone levels have improved; if not, they will need to adjust the dose accordingly.

In conclusion, TRT is a journey for men who want to improve their wellness and maintain normal testosterone levels. Therefore, asking any question you may have during the consultation is vital to eliminate confusion. It will help you understand more about the treatment and what to expect.

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