How to Improve Focus and Concentration

Improve Focus and Concentration

The world in which we live is full of distractions, so sometimes it can be hard to stay focused on one task. It might be that you are constantly picking up your phone to check social media, or simply that you find yourself wandering off and thinking of other things when you should be working or taking care of routine tasks in the home. If you find that you struggle to concentrate and stay focused, you might be wondering why this is and if there is anything that can be done about it. The good news is that there are many techniques and strategies that can help to improve both concentration and focus.

What Causes Lack of Focus?

It is not just the distractions around us that can cause a lack of concentration or an inability to focus. For some people it is a lack of sleep that causes lower energy, which then results in poor concentration and focus. A poor diet can affect mental clarity too. Those not getting sufficient vitamins and minerals from their food can find it hard to function properly. This is especially true for those following restrictive diets, where they severely limit the number of calories they consume or cut out entire food groups. Lack of exercise is another reason for poor mental clarity and lack of focus. There may also be other external factors that affect your ability to concentrate, including the environment you are in. For example, if you are out and the noise is very loud, you might find it hard to concentrate on what people are saying to you. For some people though, a lack of concentration is related to a medical condition or medicine that they are taking to treat the condition. Certain medicines can cause drowsiness and brain fog.

Techniques and Tips to Improve Concentration

Eliminate Distractions

The most obvious way to improve concentration is to remove any distractions. If you are trying to work and are constantly checking your phone, put it somewhere out of reach but still within earshot. You are less likely to be constantly on your phone if it is out of sight and if you need to get up from your seat to get it. Train Your Brain Brain training and exercise will help to improve concentration. Puzzles such as sudoku, crosswords, and word searches are great exercises for the brain. You can do these online, but you can also find great puzzle books that will keep your brain busy. Other activities that help with concentration include jigsaw puzzles and chess. Just fifteen minutes of brain training, five days a week, can improve concentration levels, according to a study from 2015.

Try Smart Drugs

Smart drugs, or nootropics, are great for boosting brain performance, according to the experts at KIYA Longevity. They help to support cognitive wellbeing, improve memory, and enhance focus, making them especially useful with those who find themselves easily distracted

Practice Mindfulness

Mindfulness is the practice of becoming aware of the present moment. It is extremely easy to become distracted and lose sight of what is going on in the moment but by learning how to practice mindfulness, you learn to appreciate and notice the world around you. Mindfulness will also help you to become aware of your own feelings and thoughts, which in turn lets you focus more clearly.


There are many reasons why people lack focus and concentration. The good news is that there are many different methods for dealing with this, including learning how to avoid distractions, taking smart drugs called nootropics, and eating a healthy diet.

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