Do You Want To Become an Osteopath? Follow These Steps

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Usually, any Osteopathic doctor will focus on holistic treatment. While treating their patients for diseases or illnesses, such doctors will put more emphasis on prevention. These Osteopathic physicians are found to be treating patients for every medical specialty.

However, the terms like ‘osteopathy’ and ‘osteopath’ can also be used to refer to those physicians who have also studied osteopathic medicine. Normally an Osteopathic physician will spend plenty of time with their patients, which means they are always working on their feet hence have a chance of exposure to illnesses.

Many such doctors usually earn a very decent income, although the education needed is long and expensive. Their jobs can be quite stressful, but one can get great satisfaction by helping people.

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This course is very highly regarded in the healthcare industry and the course is designed to meet the necessary standards of the medical council. To prepare you for working in health care, you will study the following:

  • Anatomy
  • Evidence-based practice.
  • Osteopathic principles and techniques
  • Pathology
  • Physiology
  • Population health

Besides that, you will also be benefitted from your extensive work experience, and also with hands-on practice at various professional clinics.

After your graduation, you will become a skilled professional in formulating any safe and suitable treatment programs, which also include:

  • Soft-tissue techniques
  • Exercise rehabilitation
  • Joint mobilisation
  • Exercise rehabilitation.

Also, you will have the necessary diagnostic skills and capabilities for osteopathic practice as needed by any primary healthcare practitioner.

How can you become an Osteopath?

The following are the steps involved to become an Osteopath:

1. Earn a Bachelor’s degree

A bachelor’s degree is needed for becoming an osteopathic doctor. No specific undergraduate major will be necessary. Osteopathic schools do have prerequisite courses that must be completed to be accepted. A strong background in the subjects like physics, biology, chemistry, and English, is usually required.

2. Complete medical school

Medical school is the second requirement. It takes 4 years to complete an osteopathic medical curriculum. Students gain clinical skills and take fundamental science courses during the first 2 years. Students spend their third and fourth years in clinical settings, learning about various medical specialties.

3. Obtain licensure

The next step is to pass a national licencing exam. There are three levels to the exam. Level one is completed in your osteopathic medical school during the second year, and level two is completed in the third year, and finally, level three is completed during postgraduate training.

4. Complete training

Graduates of osteopathic medical schools can continue their education by completing an internship. Following the internship, a residency programme in a specialty area, e.g. family or paediatric medicine, is completed. Residency programmes range in length from 3 to 8 years, depending on the specialty.

5. Career advancement

Board certification is a way for osteopathic doctors to grow in their careers. Certification requirements for certain specialties vary, but osteopathic doctors should normally be licenced and must have completed a residency programme.

Board certification is provided after satisfying the eligibility requirements and passing an exam.



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