Blood Clotting: 6 Major Causes and Risk Factors

Blood Clotting

Earlier, problems such as the formation of blood clots could manifest themselves in middle-aged and elderly people. Now, the disease has become common among younger people. Thus, it is important to know the major causes of blood clotting because it can even lead to death.

This happens when a person does not monitor the density of his blood and does not even know why he suffers from this. But you can influence the situation by eating blood-thinning foods. It is important to take a blood test every six months in order to be aware of the state of your health.

Causes Of Blood Clots

Before you start talking about methods of treatment, you need to understand the causes of the disease. If the blood thickens, then its liquid part goes somewhere and is not replenished for a long time. The causes of thick blood can be as follows:

1. Insufficient Replenishment Of The Body With Water

Usually, in the summer, we drink a lot of water, but it does not stay in our bodies for a long time. This happens because the body spends it on the cooling system. As a result, the body sweats a lot, trying to somehow normalize the body temperature.

If it is usually recommended to drink about two liters of water, then in summer, this volume should be increased. Many nutritionists advise not to consume salt at all, which is a big mistake. After all, salt is the main assistant product that retains fluid in the body. Drinking coffee in large quantities leads to excessive dehydration of the body, so coffee lovers are primarily at risk.

2. Drinking Alcohol

Alcohol thins the blood, but not many people know that excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages may cause clotting. When there are fewer platelets and alcohol in the body, the body starts to develop more platelets. As a result, an overabundance of platelets occurs, which leads to clotting. Thus, we recommend staying away from alcohol and preventing this from happening.

Besides, alcohol abuse is also a major cause of heart attacks, especially in women. If you do not take the necessary measures today, it will devastate your well-being. Thus, women suffering from addiction must find detox for women because men and women deal with substance abuse disorders differently. These special programs will help women to cope with addiction in a healthy way.

3. Vitamin Deficiency

Usually, in the winter, the body suffers from the problem of vitamin deficiency. Vitamins C, E, D, and B6 are able to thin the blood. But their deficiency leads to excessive formation of red blood cells, and therefore, the density of the blood increases. Thus, you must focus on eating vitamin-rich food in winter to prevent this situation. It is especially important to spend some time in the sunlight to replenish the body with vitamin D.

4. Stress and Overwork

Constant doses of problems pile on our shoulders that we can’t even breathe easy, being in constant tension. Indeed, in a state of stress, a person can stop eating and drinking, which means that there is no source of vitamins and trace elements.

Consequently, the walls of the vessels narrow, and the pressure instantly rises. Moreover, with many chronic diseases, the pressure can rise daily. Thus, it is important to consult a doctor and take medication to control this situation.

5. Irregular Or Inadequate Diets

As mentioned earlier, the lack of vegetables and fruits in the diet leads to a lack of vitamins. This means that you are consuming only sugar and fats. This leads to an increase in blood density and increases cholesterol levels. Therefore, we recommend that you should be especially vigilant about your diet and the food you are taking. Also, follow a set pattern or schedule when it comes to eating food.

6. Chronic Diseases

Any problems with one of the components of the blood, or rather the excess, put a strain on the heart. As a result, the walls of the vessels are not able to fully contract. As a result, due to lack of space, the erythrocytes begin to stick to each other.

Knowing the reasons, you can reconsider your lifestyle, give up some bad habits, and include good ones in your life. It is better to start changing something before the onset of the disease than to get sick and be treated with drugs. At times, using certain drugs also cause a malfunction in your body systems.

Danger Of Thick Blood And Its Consequences

The first sign of increased viscosity is drowsiness. But, with our modern lifestyle, we simply ignore this symptom. There is simply no time to sleep and take rest, due to which drowsiness appears. In the winter, we generally hibernate all the time.

Vision may even deteriorate, but only people who have 100% vision will notice this unexpected change. You need to learn to notice such symptoms in order to make a diagnosis and start fighting the disease as early as possible. After all, ignoring the problem can lead to unpleasant consequences.

Blood simply will not supply the organs, which can cause oxygen starvation.If you monitor the state of your blood, and even worse, know about the problem and do nothing, then your life will be at risk. We recommend you eliminate the harmful habits and foods that cause blood clotting and spend a healthy life.

What Remedies Will Help Thin The Blood?

You can choose the method of treatment depending on the complexity of the situation, although the effect also depends on the organism itself. So, there are three assistants in blood-thinning: foods containing the necessary elements, herbs, and medications.

Treatment is selected individually since each type affects a particular organism in different ways. Therefore, you need to check the reaction of your body to each remedy. And only in this way you will be able to determine the method that is suitable for you.

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